Kusama Parachain Auctions: Second Batch Candidates, part 1.

The first five.

The first batch of parachain slot auctions ended on the 20th of July 2021. The projects which managed to get a slot now proceed with their development, building a robust and strong Kusama ecosystem.

The following networks are now connected to Kusama as parachains: Karura by Acala, Moonriver by Moonbeam, Shiden by Astar (previously Plasm), Khala by Phala and Bifrost.


If you missed that exciting time and haven’t heard about candle auctions before, here is a good explanation.

Who is the next?

The second batch of auctions will start on the 1st of September.


Beside the first five there are many other networks waiting for the moment to participate in the next wave of auctions.

Let’s see what preparations they have already announced (this article will be updated).


Genshiro is a canary network of Equilibrium — cross-chain money market that combines pooled lending with synthetic asset generation and trading. Genshiro is a lending platform and cross-chain DEX in Kusama.

Token: GENS

Initial Token Supply and token allocations: 1.2 billions

PLO reward pool: 240 Million tokens

Rewards: 1 KSM : 2000 GENS


Vesting schedule:

10% of tokens will be distributed immediately upon a successful crowdloan campaign, the rest of the GENS will be vested linearly over the course of slot lease duration (48 weeks).

Basilisk by Hydra DX

Basilisk is a liquidity bootstrapping protocol built for Kusama.

Token: BSX

Total supply and allocations:

PLO reward pool: BSX (15% of total supply). Maximum HDX rewards: 56.873.469 HDX


Rewards consist of BSX and HDX tokens which are distributed at a different rate depending on the state of the crowdloan at the time of the contribution.

BSX rewards

2-step rewards calculation.

  1. All KSM contributions are weighed using a rewards multiplier (between 1and 0) depending on the point in time when the contribution was made.
  2. The exact amount of individual rewards is calculated in accordance with the proportion of the weighted individual contribution in relation to all weighted KSM contributions.

[rewards = (weighted_indivudial_contribution / total_weighted_contributions) * crowdloan_cap]

Thus the result will be known after the end of the crowdloan campaign.

HDX bonuses

5–30% of the opportunity costs of their KSM contribution. For a lockup period of ~11 months, these opportunity costs are currently estimated at 13,75% (based on a 15% APY for KSM staking).

The exact percentage of the opportunity costs which will be covered is determined by the state of the crowdloan at the moment when the KSM contribution is made.

[Bonus_in_KSM = contributed_KSM * opportunity_costs * bonus_multiplier]

Vesting schedule:

BSX rewards and HDX bonuses are distributed linearly. The distribution will start once the Basilisk LBP event has been concluded (~2 weeks after the parachain slot is secured) and will continue until 1 week before the parachain slot expires.


Robonomics is an open-source platform for IoT applications. It supports a new generation of internet technologies (web3) that implements the exchange of technical and economic information in the form of atomic transactions between user applications, IoT services, and complex robotics

Before the next wave of auctions, the project’s developers decided to deploy and maintain a functionally identical network — Frontier Relay chain, that will be integrated with Robonomics parachain.

Robonomics Developers will publish the KSM crowdloan module on August 30 with the following parameters:

Crowdloan limit: 135,000 KSM

Basic rewards: 1 KSM : 3.5 XRT.

1.725 XRT will be unlocked within the first month after the Robonomics parachain launch. KSM bonders will get the entire reward in one year of XRT staking with an increased APR of up to 100%


  • All members of the crowdloan company will receive a Robonomics Pioneer NFT card.
  • Increased reward for the first 35,000 KSM collected. (1 KSM : 5 XRT instead of 3,5 in one year)
  • Extra reward for Robonomics Polkapet NFT holders, who’ll bond the first 35,000 KSM (1KSM : 6 XRT instead of 3,5 XRT in one year)

XRT token distribution Q2 2021 — Q1 2022


Calamari will be the first privacy-preserving DeFi stack powered by zkSNARK on Kusama. The project, which is Manta Network’s Canary Network, will receive new features before Manta Network.

KMA Total Supply: 10 billions

PLO Supply: up to 3 billions KMA

PLO cap will be determined in 3 stages:

  1. If Calamari wins the auction during first 100 000 KSM collected, 1 billion KMA will be distributed to contributors and the rest will go to treasure for future auctions. If not — the second stage begins.
  2. 2 billion KMA and 200,000 KSM.
  3. 3 billion KMA will be distributed for a cap of 300,000 KSM.

Rewards: 10,000 KMAs per 1 KSM.


  • Frontline bonus: 10% bonus to the first 500 supporters
  • Early bird bonus: 5% bonus to 501–1000 supporters
  • Referral bonus: both the referrer and their referred counterparts receive a 2.5% bonus each, or 5% bonus in total split between the two.

Participate in crowdloan.


34% of KMA will be released to crowdloan participants. The remaining 66% will be vested every 8 weeks on an equal basis.

To be continued!

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