Kusama Parachain Auctions: the 3rd Batch Candidates.

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Bit Country Pioneer

Quartz by Unique

A new user-friendly platform for testing radical innovation in NFTs and building for the future. Quartz, which is built on Substrate, provides the most flexible choices for discovery and democratization of the NFT ecosystem and marketplaces.

| Crowdloan page | Token economy |

Token: QTZ coin

Total Supply: 1 billion
Initial Circulating Supply: 36,697,268.

Reward Pool:

Crowdloan participants are entitled to up to 8% of the total QTZ supply ( 80,000,000 QTZ)

Crowdloan cap: 220,000 KSM.

Reward Ratio:

Base reward 1KSM : 237 QTZ.

Early participant bonus: 1KSM : 750 QTZ.

For subsequent KSM bonded, refer to the chart or use the calculator to check how many QTZ will you receive for the KSM you want to bond.

Special Reward:

The first 100 participants to stake ≥10 KSM get a Chelobrick


10-month vesting term (linear vesting every block).

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Integritee enables developers and businesses to process sensitive data while maintaining privacy. The platform blends blockchain’s trustworthiness with the confidentiality of off-chain, trusted execution environments (TEEs). This enables developers and businesses to create decentralized data-driven apps and services capable of securely processing sensitive data without exposing it on chain. Backers who temporarily lock in KSM to support the parachain bids will be rewarded in TEER.

| Crowdloan page | Token economy |

Token: TEER coin

Initial Hard-cap Token Supply: 10 million

Reward Pool: 1 million (10% of total token allocation)

Reward Model: Your KSM contribution / Total KSM contribution * 1 million

  • Supporter rewards (10% of TEER total supply);
  • 20% Early Supporter Bonus (first 48h of each auction);
  • 10% loyalty bonus (for contributors in 7–10 auctions);
  • 5% referral bonus.

Guaranteed Rewards (updated)

  • Scenario 1: ≥ 20,000 KSM bonded (20,000 TEER distributed to all contributors)*
  • Scenario 2: ≥ 40,000 KSM bonded (40,000 TEER distributed to all contributors)*
  • * Rewards were updated. See the previous version below:
    Scenario 1: < 10,000 KSM bonded (10,000 TEER distributed to all contributors)
    Scenario 2: ≥ 10,000 KSM bonded (20,000 TEER distributed to all contributors)

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Pioneer Network by Bit.Country

Bit.Country Metaverse Network is a blockchain and application platform for user-created metaverses and games. Pioneer Network is the canary network of Bit Country. With the 3D environment, NFTs, play-to-earn & build communities to earn, Bit.Country empowers anyone to create their own metaverse for their people, and takes community participation to a new level on web3.0.

| Crowdloan info|Participate here|
Referral code:

Token: NEER coin
Total Supply: 100 million
Reward Pool: 15 million (15% of the total supply)

Reward Ratio: 1KSM : 68 NEER

Bonus Rewards

  • ‎The first 1000 participants will receive an additional 10% bonus
  • ‎5% referral bonus
  • ‎If your contribution qualifies, you will be given a land block(or even more than one). This bonus reward will allow you to create your own metaverse.


30% will be unlocked and transferable;
70% will be vested and gradually unlocked during the lease time.

Earn more with

Zenlink: each KSM contributed via Zenlink SlotVault will bring 1,5 ZLK.

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Genshiro is a canary network of Equilibrium — cross-chain money market that combines pooled lending with synthetic asset generation and trading. Genshiro is a lending platform and cross-chain DEX in Kusama.

Token: GENS

Initial Token Supply and token allocations: 1.2 billions

PLO reward pool: 150 Million tokens

The entire amount of GENS (less bonus allocation) will be evenly distributed among all crowdloan participants in proportion to their KSM stakes.


Of the 150 million GENS, 30 million are designated for guaranteed bonuses:

  • 1,000 GENS per KSM for contributions over 500 KSM.
  • 500 GENS per KSM for everyone who previously participated in the first and/or second rounds of Kusama auctions
  • 6% bonus for referral program participants (3% for referral + 3% for referrie)

Vesting schedule:

10% of tokens will be distributed immediately upon a successful crowdloan campaign, the rest of the GENS will be vested linearly over the course of slot lease duration (48 weeks).

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Robonomics is an open-source platform for IoT applications. It supports a new generation of internet technologies (web3) that implements the exchange of technical and economic information in the form of atomic transactions between user applications, IoT services, and complex robotics services.

Increased rewards (1KSM : 6 XRT ):

• for participants in the collection of the first 6,300 KSM

• for Robonomics Pioneer NFT holders who bond the first 27,000 KSM

Regular rewards (1 KSM : 3.5 XRT )

  • for those who do not fall into the indicated conditions in increased rewards.

50% of reward in the first month after the launch of the network.

XRT token distribution Q2 2021 — Q1 2022

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Sakura is a Kusama parachain made by Clover Finance.

Crowdloan |Website | Sakura FAQ|
All other links and socials: Linktree

Token: SKU
Initial supply: 1 billion
Crowdloan cap: 100 000 KSM

Reward ratio:
at least 200 SKU for every 1 KSM staked

  • There is a minimum bid amount of 0.1 KSM per contribution
  • Sakura will be bidding for a maximum of 8 lease periods, which means a 48 week parachain slot auction bid


Early bird:
● first 2500 contributors get +20% SKU
● 2501–5000 get +15%
● 5001–7500 get +10%
● 7501–10000 get +5%

Crowdloan Vesting: 28% of the SKU will be unlocked upon launch. 72% will be unlocked linearly over 12 months.

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SherpaX is ChainX parachain on Kusama.

|Participate|Website | Docs | Lightpaper |

Token: KSX — utility token for transaction fees and governance
Initial supply: 21 million
Annual inflation: 10%
Tokenomics: (from previous PLO post and ChainX TG)

The basic incentives is 1 KSM : 10 KSX


  • 5% referral bonus reward.

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