Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest.

January 11th — January 17th.


✔ Rococo V1 parachain registration has begun! For chain builders looking to participate check out the Rococo V1 Parachain Requirements guide here. To stay up-to-date with the latest developments, join the #rococo:http://matrix.parity.io on @element_hq.

✔ Subscan now supports block exploration of Rococo: https://rococo.subscan.io

✔ Polkadot-js 2020 flashback Jaco Greeff.


✔ The Treasury Proposal for the Voxel Bridge Augmented Reality has been approved. Polkassembly.

Kusama arts by Alexandra Heller


✔ Web3 Foundation announced that they have reached the 200 grants milestone. Discover more about the projects here


✔ Introduction to Bifrost Vote Bidding System at Parity&Friends virtual meetup will be held on January 21st. Henry Ho (core developer Bifrost) will give an introduction to Bifrost, what is the Bifrost Voting Bidding System about and how to control the risk brought by the VBS line of business.

Bifrost 2020 roundup and roadmap for 2021.


✔ Robonomics will hold Robomonics Winter School 2021 (from 10 to 24 February) to developers who want to try to build Dapps and Web Services for IoT on Polkadot Parachain. Opening ceremony will start on Feb 10th 19:00 GMT+3. Register to meetup. Watch the teaser.


✔ ️The Week in EDG is up, past 2 weeks. Highlights: EVM Support is coming in the next ‘Tokyo’ upgrade, along ETH bridge modules.


✔ StaFi started to onboard new validators (OVs). Anyone who is interested in being a derivative validator should check this stats, and familiarize themselves before the launch: https://test-rtoken.stafi.io


✔ Moonbeam Network introduced a canarynet Moonriver. Moonriver will use a large parachain crowdloan to obtain its initial parachain slot on Kusama. Supply and other token economic behaviors on Moonriver will be the same as Moonbeam, but token distribution will be different. Token: RIVER, app. launch: 2021 Q1.


✔ Darwinia won the Level 2 badge in the Substrate Builder Program: the network achieved the2nd milestone. The 3rd milestone (Jun.2021-Mar.2021) includes: Darwinia to Ethereum Bridge , Darwinia Virtual Machine and Substrate to Substrate Bridge


✔ Polkaswitch - a decentralized, non-custodial cross-chain liquidity protocol built on Polkadot. Polkaswitch will be working in partnership with Moonbeam to deploy contracts and manage communication cross-chain. Introduction.


✔ Plasm has successfully deployed ZK Rollups contract on Plasm Network, a Parity Substrate based blockchain on January 14th. Source.

✔ Plasm became the first parachain on Rococo V1! Network’s plans for 2021 Q1 and Q2 include PoS migration, Redenomination, ZK Rollups, More Eth Compatibility, Governance, Update Plasm Portal. Read more.


✔ OpenSquare has released the Dotreasury.com. Now it’s the work of the M1 of Kusama treasury proposal while each expense timeline is the main feature. Dotreasury aim to introduce a retrospect mechanism for kusama/polkadot treasury for the long run.


✔ Totem - p2p live accounting — added Docker to their stack to make it easier to manage, update and maintain their own nodes on the Totem Meccano Network. How to run a Totem Meccano Network Node using Docker guide.


✔ Dock introduced on-chain democratic governance features to the Dock PoA mainnet. New Dock mainnet token holders, as well as the members of the Dock Association Council, can now propose changes to the network.


✔ Litentry started a one-year Ambassador Program: blockchain KOL, social media influencers, and media organizations are welcome to apply.


✔ Kusama Council just approved the treasury proposal for Ask! v0.1, which is a WASM smart contract framework, allowing developers to use an easier language called AssembleyScript (like Javascript) to write contracts, instead of Rust. Source.


✔ OKEX will support Polkadot/Kusama Parachain Slots Auction, and hold the Polkadot Ecosystem Carnival to distribute 100,000 $USDT to participants. Period: Jan. 13–30th. During the promotion, participants can stake DOT/KSM and vote for the Polkadot project.


✔ Fearless Wallet has now been updated to support KSM in-app purchases (via@RampNetwork). Source.


What’s new? Clover! Read our Subsocial blog post about the new Polkadot-based DeFi service platform Clover finance.

Edgeware x Tidal

“Under this partnership, Edgeware will utilize the TIDAL model to help manage risk for their platform. Tidal will provide insurance cover for Edgeware’s users’ assets and help Edgeware’s insurance fund earn yield.” Thom Ivy

Equilibrium x Ryabina validator

Equilibrium has partnered with Ryabina validator, who will join apool of validators and create a Telegram bot for the Equilibrium community.

Phala x Zenlink

Phala Network enters a strategic partnership with Zenlink. With the support of Phala privacy-preserving technology, Zenlink DEX network will greatly improve its user experience by satisfying their needs for privacy cross-chain transactions.

Darwinia x Cere

Darwinia will collaborate with Cere- decentralized data and finance cloud platform. With Darwinia Cere can be connected to heterogeneous chains like Ethereum and Polkadot while Darwinia will utilize Cere’s services for its customers.

Kylin x Spider DAO

SpiderDAO partners with Kylin Network. Kylin will supply standard oracle solutions to Spider DAO in addition to using analytics solutions to monitor SpiderDAO sales and affiliation performance through our decentralized data infrastructure.

Aira Robonomics x Ocean Protocol

Robonomics partners with Ocean Protocol. The integration aims to create a sandbox for testing collaboration of both technologies for further development of pilot projects and products in 2021.

Polka Index

This tool helps to keep track of tokens built on Substrate or heavily involved in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Starks Network

The Starks Network provides Zero-Knowledge Proof as a service to other parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem. It uses a zk-STARK virtual machine to enable data privacy protection via self-proving computations.


SherpaX, an independent research and development network where new innovative ideas and technological experiments of ChainX will be first carried out on.


The DeFi hub of KusamaNetwork. Sister network of AcalaNetwork.


Cross-chain liquidity protocol built on Substrate.

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