Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. 27 Feb — 05 Mar/2023

Polkadot News
4 min readMar 5, 2023

Polkadot / Kusama

  • The winner of the Polkadot parachain auction #39, which entered the process anonymously, and initially remained nameless after winning its slot on February 9th, has now elected to make itself known. That project is Manta Network, a protocol driving on-chain privacy solutions across Web3.
  • In the third part of the ‘Year In Parachains’ Series it is time to explore Data, ID, Privacy, Storage, & Infrastructure. Read this thread or jump straight to the in-depth blog for more detail on a wide range of projects unlocking a variety of use cases.
  • Missed the latest Polkadot Community Call? Listen back now to learn the latest updates from the Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem.
  • Polkadot v0.9.39 has been released with MEDIUM upgrade priority.
  • The Polkadot Blockchain Academy goes Stateside for its 3rd wave this summer, and you could be part of it. There are many secure jobs in the ecosystem on graduation. Learn more.

Acala / Karura

  • Acala has unveiled Part III of its 2023 roadmap, which deals with Institutional Integrations. This work ranges from an enterprise-grade, compliant DOT Liquid Staking Token (LST) with Liquid Collective to on-chain loyalty programs for major brands.
  • This week, Acala’s co-founder gave a workshop to Polkadot ecosystem devs on ‘Chopsticks’, a testing client that allows developers to fork a Substrate mainnet for testing that can simulate the same environment as the mainnet.


  • Ontology has released its February 2023 monthly report, highlighting project’s progress in developing its Web3 infrastructure and product offerings.

Phala / Khala

Energy Web

  • Energy Web recently participated in the European Commission’s Consultation on the Electricity Market Design. The team believes that decentralized collaboration plays a key role in shaping how the energy sector works.

Crust / Shadow

  • Crust just participated in the Polkadot Mini Summit on 28th February and had a blast connecting with its friends in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Litentry / Litmus

Astar / Shiden

  • Astar’s ASTR token will be coming to StellaSwap. With this collaboration, ASTR will flow in the Moonbeam network, bringing more value to both chains.
  • Astar announces the launch of Astar Gaming Guild, a not-for-profit community for next-generation games.
  • The proposal of Astar for the WASM Smart Contracts Bounty has been approved. With this, the coalition of teams will encourage, promote, adopt, and develop Web Assembly Smart Contracts on Polkadot parachains.

Interlay / Kintsugi


Moonbeam / Moonriver

Composable Finance / Picasso

  • Reply to this tweet if you would like to participate in a Cosmos testnet for Composable Finance that will be the first Cosmos network to use the WASM client and therefore be able to relay packets to a Polkadot testnet.
  • Composable finance is excited to share the first iteration of its new development cycle roadmap.The team’s full focus is currently on deploying the KSM <> DOT Bridge.
  • For the first time, tokens were transferred between a Cosmos chain (Stride) and a Kusama parachain (Picasso).

Bit.Country / Pioneer

  • NEER token holders will be able to create and vote on proposals & referendums that will shape the future of Bit.Country’s Pioneer. Governance will increase transparency & inclusivity in our decision-making process, making it fair for all stakeholders.

Manta / Calamari

Enjin / Efinity

  • The latest Enjin Wallet 2.2 release is officially out. This update contains exciting new features and a range of improvements & fixes.


  • Over the last few days, SORA Card sign-ups have been thoroughly tested by the SORA community on the testnet. If you also want to try it, head over here.


  • Dock’s CEO joined the Founder & CEO of PEAK IDV to discuss how to prevent fraud and verify data with Verifiable Credentials.

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