Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest



  • After an open voting phase, the final program of Polkadot Decoded (May 19th — 20th) has been selected, featuring 40 talks and workshops on all things Polkadot. Register.
  • Self stake requirement for the Polkadot 1000 Validators Programme was reduced from 10k to 5k DOT. Participants can unbond some funds to still be above the min amount (5k DOT). Polkadot Programme requires a rank of 25 or higher in the Kusama programme.
  • If you are interested in following the technical details of parachain implementation, you can follow this tracking PR.


  • Bifrost SALP (Slot Auction liquidity Protocol) will issue derivatives that let users to participate in Polkadot or Kusama Crowdloan with bonding liquidity (Get your bonding token back at any time). Read more.
  • Bifrost x Patract Open Platform. In this cooperation, Bifrost will use the Ask! contract language and development tools developed by Patract to deploy Wasm contracts to further explore the potential opportunities of asset derivatives.


  • Karura Network, the DeFi parachain built for Kusama by the Acala Network Foundation, has integrated Chainlink Price Feeds. This integration was made possible by the recent launch of a Chainlink oracle pallet.


  • Moonbeam announced that The Graph protocol‘s hosted service has integrated their protocol onto the Moonbeam TestNet. Now developers who want to expand to Polkadot will be able to build, publish, and use subgraphs in a Polkadot-based environment.
  • Moonbeam x Frax


  • KwikSwap DEX is the first DEX on Plasm Network Dusty Testnet.
  • Plasm x Bondly. Bondly will be using Plasm Network to further expand into the Polkadot ecosystem with their upcoming NFT launchpad, the NFT trading platform BondSwap and the upcoming BondProtect. Plasm will also launch a very special NFT on the Bondly launchpad.


  • The Raze Network smart contract audit was successfully completed by Certik on April 15th. The final result came out with NO critical, major, and/or minor issues. No threat was found to the safety of the Raze smart contract deployment.
  • Raze Network x IOST
  • Raze Network x Polkafoundry


  • Crust Network has presented Kusama Parachain Auction Plan. Crust is bidding for 1 to 4 leases for a total of 24 weeks, and plans to award a total of 20,000 CRU. After the auction is successful, Crust will distribute a one-time CRU airdrop. Details.


  • StaFi team has launched rKSM App on the mainnet, a solution to unlock the liquidity of Kusama staking. Introduction.


  • Equilibrium introduced the Kusama lockdrop terms. To participate in the Genshiro lockdrop users need to lock their vested/circulating EQ tokens to receive an allocation of GENS on Kusama. There will be 10 GENS for every EQ token.








Punk Network

Cycan Network


Plutos Network



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Polkadot News

Polkadot News


Polkadot Ecosystem: Weekly Digest and Projects overview. Polkadot Ambassador.