Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest

March 22 — March 28


📌 The proposal of a new type of identity registrar for the Polkadot network, focusing on optional real-world identity verification (without requesting the sender to disclose anything sensitive), and publicly-retrievable evidence of verification was published on Polkassembly.

📌 Enjin Wallet, added support for Polkadot DOT and Kusama KSM. Support for DOT and KSM in the Enjin Wallet is made possible by Subscan‘s API.

📌 Parachain auction and crowdloans are now being tested on Rococo. Auctions, Crowdloan. Acala Network and Plasm Network were the first and the second parachains who won test slot auctions.


📌In order to incentive vETH holders, Bifrost has announced — vETH Holding airdrop (from March 26th) and — vETH Liquidity airdrop (from April 2nd). Claim airdrop. Details.


📌 Plasm Network reported that Milestone 1 of the ZK Rollups grant has been accepted by Web3 Foundation: they made it possible to deploy Matter Labs’ Solidity ZK Rollup contracts on Substrate and Plasm Network.

📌 Shiden Network started with their waitlist for Kusama Parachain.


📌 Patract decided to no longer independently launch Patract Network as a parachain, but instead focus on becoming a technical solution provider for Wasm contracts. Patract is going to cooperate with Acala to promote the Wasm contract open platform.


📌 Clover preview network has been launched with a 10,000 $CLV incentivized program for validators and full-nodes. Event Time & Date: 2:00 PM on March 17, 2021–2:00 PM on March 31, 2021 (UTC).


📌 Do you know that Kilt protocol, a blockchain protocol for issuing decentralised identifiers and verifiable credentials, is not just for people? It can be used for machines, services and anything that identities can be built on, too!


📌 Gaka-Chu, robot-artist by Robonomics created his collection of artworks that are now being sold on Rarible.com auction. All the highest bids will be accepted manually at March 30th, 15:00 UTC by Robonomics’ team and winners will collect the rarest NFT art-works made by a fully autonomous robot. How to participate.

📌 “Bank” for robots on Polkadot this year! Robonomics developers have come up with a solution based on the Polkadot architecture and using XCMP that will allow any parachain to get free access to IoT device management with payment in a native token. Details.


📌 Dock has released the claim deduction feature. This functionality allows inference of new claims from a set of verifiable credentials, making it possible to create stackable credentials and reduce the need for manual checking of verifiable credentials.

📌 Dock’s newest feature that allows users to deploy existing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts on the Dock network is now available. Learn more.

📌 DOCK Migration Window Ends on the 31st March. Anyone holding ERC20 DOCK must migrate their tokens before midnight (GMT) on the 31st of March 2021.


📌 The first phase of testing the X-Bridge by ChainX has begun on Mar 22th and will last for 14 days. Everyone can participate in testing and get a reward in $KSX.


📌Covalent brings its indexing solution to Edgeware. Through this partnership, users willl soon be able to query Edgeware blockchain data by simply changing the chainId parameter in the Covalent API. This seamless experience significantly enhances the Edgeware developer experience.


📌Moonbeam‘s parachain will be integrated with DIA’s open-source-price oracles. DIA‘s oracles now live on Moonbase Alpha, feeding the network with data of crypto and traditional financial assets.


📌 Zeitgeist (prediction market platform exclusively on the Kusama network), announced the completion of a $1.5M seed round. Investors are: D1 Ventures, Genblock Capital, A195Capital, AU21 Capital, Blocksync VC, Ruitao Su (co-founder of Acala Network and Laminar Protocol).


📌 The Crust Build Wiki is ready! Learn how to use Crust/IPFS to host your DApps, store NFT files and data in a totally decentralized way. Link.


📌 Polkamon (animated digital collectibles $PMON) confirmed March 31st as the date of IDO with Polkastarter. How to participate.


📌 SubDao presented the Polkadot DAO Alliance, or PDA, an organization initiated by SubDAO and joined by a dozen of Genesis members, including Plasm, Phala, Stafi, Crust, Litentry, Bifrost, Patract, Darwina, Zenlink, and DeepDAO.

Polkadot DAO Alliance is a DAO alliance aiming to promote the development of decentralized governance in the Polkadot ecosystem. The ultimate goal of PDA is to realize the true decentralization of Web 3.0.

📌 PDA will host its first 2-day online summit, with two panels themed Democratic Governance on Polkadot and The Present and Future of DAO Governance, on Apr. 6 and Apr. 7


📌 Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator announced selection of the 2021 Cohort. There are 21 teams in the list. Kylin Network, Litentry, SubQuery, HydraDX, BitCountry, AutomataNetwork, Parastate are among them.


📌 The Second Web 3.0 Bootcamp this year has come back with an upgraded training mechanism and more attractive resources and rewards to help selected teams achieve significant progress.

During the six-month’s training, the Second Web 3.0 Bootcamp will go all out to support the 12 selected teams with technology, product, capital, cooperation resources in Wanxiang Blockchain ecosystem and Polkadot ecosystem.


Submitted to Polkaproject.com and tracked by Polkadot bot by Ryabina.


The one-stop production hub for DeFi applications on Polkadot. PolkaFoundry is a platform for creating borderless and frictionless DeFi apps. It is designed to unleash developers to explore new horizons of the DeFi landscape.


A dedicated blockchain for experimenting things.


Cross-chain liquidity Integration platform Powered By Polkadot


Bifrost partners with Tidal Finance.

Tidal Finance will insure the vETH smart contract created by Bifrost. The Bifrost team will also be covered by Tidal for validator slashing losses down the road.

Apron x ChainX

Through the cooperation Apron will provide ChainX with decentralized Infrastructure services such as node services, oracles, data indexing services, etc.

Crust Network x TrustBase

Both parties will provide basic technical support for Polkadot ecosystem developers in the future, and will develop more technical interconnection based on Subscript and Decentralized Storage.

Tidal Finance partners with Elrond.

Through the Elrond Network and Tidal collaboration, Tidal will provide insurance coverage DeFi protocols and assets deployed on the Elrond Network.

Litentry’s partners with API3

Litentry will integrate with the API3 blockchain ecosystem to monetize its DID Aggregation API for Web3 end users. Litentry will become one of the first party oracle providers in the API3 ecosystem.

ETHA Lend announced partnership with KONOMI.

With this strategic partnership, ETHA and Konomi Network shall explore the concept of maximized interoperability between both platforms and the whole Polkadot ecosystem.

MAP Protocol x Darwinia.

Map Protocol and Darwinia Network are cooperating to work on the standardization of bridge chains and define standardization issues regarding state verification and transaction format when bridging with other chains.

Bondly Finance will collaborate with Cook Protocol to launch their own BCCG card on Bondly’s NFT LaunchPad. Cook will airdrop 45,000 $COOK tokens for each of the NFT cards.

Phala x TrustBase

TrustBase makes it easy for developers to build DAPPs using the WASM smart contract language Subscript, while Phala Network will provide the ability for contracts to execute on privacy-protected computing power.

Litentry x Apron Network

Apron will integrate Litentry‘s Decentralized Identity (DID) Aggregation API. At the same time, Litentry will become a data provider of Apron Network/

Shadows Network X Ren

Shadows Network has partnered with Ren Protocol, whose protocol provides access to inter-chain liquidity for all decentralized applications (dApps).

Patract x Apron

We are excited to collaborate with Apron. Patract will provide one of free services called Elara for developers through the Apron Network by decentralized middleware.

Bondly x Polygon

Bondly Finance will be integrating with Polygon to deliver fast and environment-friendly NFTs.

Bondly x Litentry

Bondly Finance integrates with Litentry‘s upcoming Crypto Identity & Social Network product ‘My Crypto Profile’ that allows users to link and verify their Ethereum accounts with Twitter accounts in an automatic and transparent way.

Bitcoin Gold x Phala Network

Bitcoin Gold $BTG and Phala Network announced a project partnership to develop lightweight, low-cost, trustless bridges by leveraging Phala’s TEE-based confidential computing technology.

NFTY Labs x Plasm Network

NFTY Labs will help Plasm realize further value for owners of their PolkaPet NFTs by providing users that hold the NFT with Special Access Rights (SPAR).

Raze Network Partners With Xend Finance

This strategic partnership enables Raze to implement privacy-preserving functionality for Xend Finance users and allows them to explore different and innovative ways to expand anonymous payment and safe investing methods with our partner.

Royale partners with Kylin Network

The Royale Kings and Queens can benefit from Kylin price feeds for the Web 3.0 App and Verifiable Random Function (VRF) for iGaming companies.

MobiFi Partners with Kylin Network

Initially, MobiFi will integrate price data feeds from Kylin oracles. Later they may also use Kylin Data Analytics RESTful API tools to perform analytical functions. In addition, MobiFi users generate a large volume of mobility data that can be fed into the Kylin data marketplace, thus enabling MobiFi’s userbase to earn money from their data.

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Polkadot Ecosystem: Weekly Digest and Projects overview. Polkadot Ambassador.

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Polkadot News

Polkadot Ecosystem: Weekly Digest and Projects overview. Polkadot Ambassador.