Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest


➡ Polkadot and Kusama users will benefit from a direct integration with Tether’s USDT when common good parachains launch. As announced by Tether on Tuesday, the stablecoin will launch both on Polkadot and Kusama.


➡ 17 of April’21, Moscow. Welcome to offline&online Tech Polkadot Meetup hosted by Equilibrium! The agenda includes talks about development with Rust, the Substrate framework and how it enables building customized blockchains. Register to offline event.


➡ Bit.Country team successfully implemented cross-chain token transfer. Its blockchain is now composable with Acala Network. Source.


➡ Acala Network received a grant from Compound for integration Compound with Polkadot chain, which will include building a bridge to Polkadot, adding support for DOT and LDOT as collateral, and make CASH available on Polkadot. Details.


Litentry x Rai Finance


➡ To celebrate one year since announcing the Moonbeam project, Moonbeam will have the Illuminate/21 online conference on April 27. Illuminate/21 brings together the Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems through exploration of prominent multi-chain projects. Learn from the strategies of prominent oracles, wallets, NFT platforms, and more.

  • Advance block explorer support
  • Pre-funded accounts standalone dev node.


Kylin Network x DAFI


➡ Zenlink plans to launch NFT and explore its combination with a new community membership system. Zenlink will give the NFT community attributes and economic attributes, and then cooperate with relevant platforms to complete the launch of NFT.


Paralink x Raze Network


➡ RMRK presented Kanaria: Initial Collectible Offering.


Tidal Finance x HOPR


Raze Network x UNION


Reef Chain Block Explorer is live. The block explorer will help users easily search addresses and track specific Reef Chain data in real-time.


➡ Clover will have the public sales round on CoinList on the 20th of April.


➡ The first proposal on Maxwell Preview Network has passed and been implemented. The validator count has increased from 25 to 30!


➡ Parastate, a smart contract platform providing a smart contract VM for all Substrate-based blockchains, announced the successful close of a $5-million fundraising round led by KNS Group, along with a contribution from Alameda Ventures.


➡ The Dock token migration is now complete. Almost 963 million ERC20 tokens have been sent to the vault address. As per Dock’s token release schedule, 150M of these tokens will be released as emission rewards for validators on the Dock mainnet, and to fund the treasury, during the life of the network. This will put the circulating supply of Dock’s mainnet token at circa 850M.


➡ ChainX will issue a limited edition NFT for ChainX First Halving that will take place on On May 25, 2019. To win the ChainX Halving NFT users can participate in the ChainX community, the NFT event, design the NFT.


➡ Polkastarter has presented the 2021 Q2 roadmap. Polkastarter 2.0 is coming this quarter with new and improved features, and among other thing it is going to support Polkadot crowdloans.


Jambo network

As the first blockchain ad-tech support platform on polkadot, Jambo has been committed to creating a transparent and credible decentralized advertising industry value ecology.


Solidity Smart Contracts on Kusama.


The first lending and staking protocol on top of Polkadot ecosystem.

Uniarts Network

Crypto Printing Brush for Digital Artists
Uniarts aim to become the major gateway between business, individual or even A.I creators and blockchain networks, hence bring their unique artworks into an united NFT platform.

Genesis Lab

Trusted non-custodial staking provider for Proof-of-Stake networks.

Bitkeep Wallet

BitKeep is a global leading decentralized multi-chain digital wallet, dedicated to providing secure and simple one-stop digital asset management services for users worldwide.

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