Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. June 14th — June 20th

Polkadot News
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Polkadot & Kusama

  • Coinbase Pro started to accept inbound transfers of DOT. Trading will begin on June 16, if liquidity conditions are met. Planned trading pairs are: DOT-USD, DOT-BTC, DOT-EUR, DOT-GBP, and DOT-USDT.
  • Endangered, the label behind the beats at PolkadotDecoded, have minted the soundtrack as NFTs on @kusamanetwork . With the tracks on-chain, you can enjoy them any time you want, or support the label by adding this limited bundle to your NFT collection.
  • Kusama hosts #YourWildestMemes Contest. Create, tweet & retweet memes and get a chance to win a prizes from Kusama & partners.


Bifrost and RMRK have collaborated to extend Bifrost-bonuses to existing and new Kanaria bird owners. Participants of Bifrost’s crowdloan with at least 10 KSM will be able to use the same crypto address to claim a special Kanaria trait.


The Karura’s crowdloan now has almost 500,000 KSM contributed towards Karura’s bid in the first Kusama parachain auction.

Plasm & Shiden

Shiden Network has launched Shiden Builders Program. It aims to help the growth, development, and adoption of the Shiden Network by supporting teams that are building on Shiden. The program is headed by Stake Technologies with guidance from Parity Technologies under the Builders for Builders initiative.


The Inaugural Sora Economic Forum will begin on June 22. SORA Economic Forum is an event where scientists and speakers will discuss how Sora could have an impact on the economic future of the world.

Fearless Wallet and SubQuery

SubQuery and Fearless Wallet teams published a joint proposal for Open-source DApp API for common data & tutorials. It includes open source projects, packages, and learning material to help dapp developers start building applications on Polkadot&Kusama.


  • Equilibrium completed all the milestones according to the grant from the web3foundation to bring Curve Finance to Polkadot. EquilibriumDeFi will first add the Curve AMM to Genshiro, and set up @GenshiroDeFi first stablecoin pool.
  • Genshiro’s GENS is now available on KuCoin. Trading pair: GENS / USDT


  • Centrifuge published a proposal to add a Permissioned Real-World Asset (RWA) Market to Aave.
  • Centrifuge has introduced the Altair Launch Process and PLO strategy. Altair will participate in auctions starting from the 4th one. For every KSM at least 50 AIR will be rewarded. Lease period: 48 weeks.
  • The CFG Snapshot will take place approximately between July 15th and July 17th. Altair tokens AIR will be generated to all corresponding addresses in the first runtime upgrade.


Dock has transited its testnet to a NPoS algorithm. Transition of the current PoA mainnet to PoS is expected once the security audit and testing activities are successfully completed (app by the end of June 2021).


Mangata Finance, the one-stop shop for trading Polkadot assets, has raised $1.4 million in equity and tokens, with its key backers including Polychain Capital, IOSG Ventures, Altonomy, CMS Holdings, TRGC and angel investors, such as Ricky Li, among others.


Bit.Country invites designers to participate in its first 3D Architect Competition. Winners will receive 2 Blocks of Land, 0.5 KSM, and status of Bit.Country Authorised 3D Architect!


Kylin network introduced its new development direction “DDMO — DeData market Offering”. Data is presented as an NFT which is owned by holders in shares. The holders of this DDM have rights to the associated fees for data provisioning and oracle scripting.

OAK Network

Oak successfully completed their first grant milestone to build an innovative crowdfunding module for Polkadot.


Darwinia x Automata

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Polkadot News

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