Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. Nov 8— Nov 14

Parachain auctions and crowdloans

  • Projects aiming to obtain a Polkadot parachain slot has started their crowdloan campaigns. Check out our latest article to learn about auction participants and crowdloan rewards. Get referral bonuses with our referral links.
  • After winning the 13th parachain auction, Bit.Country is being onboarded as Kusama’s 14th parachain (13-auction winning parachains, plus Statemine).
  • Subsocial has joined to Kusama parachain auctions and opened its crowdloan.
  • Several projects inside Polkadot Ecosystem offer different crowloan derivatives. Check out our latest article to know more about vsDOT, xDOT, lDOT and cDOT.

Polkadot / Kusama

  • An update on how the work is coming along to reduce the minimum nomination amount on Polkadot is ussued.
  • New Web3 Foundation research on utility token design shows that Polkadot is sustainable. Token value is reflective of the portion of services. Parachain auctions generate token demand that will be met by the supply of validators, keeping the system going.
  • The first Polkadot parachain auction has begun! Choose your candidate and learn everything about rewards and ways to participate. Take part in crowdloans with Polkadot news’ referral links to earn more.


  • vsDOT for Polkadot has landed. Now, Bifrost is allied (not supported from Bifrost single side) with Acala Network, Astar Network, Litentry, Moonbeam Network and MantaNetwork.
  • Bifrost SALP is now live on Polkadot. Join the crowdloan and contribute for Acala Network, Astar Network, Litentry, Manta Network and enjoy 10% — 20% extra basic reward and BNC bonus. Check the tutorial.


Moonbeam / Moonriver

  • MOVR token (Mooriver Network) will be listed on Binance.
  • Moonbeam announced the integration of Moonriver with RMRK. The teams will collaborate to develop Solidity standards for RMRK-based Kusama assets. This will allow Moonriver Network and other EVM chains to work with RMRK.app NFT infrastructure.
  • Users can now try Blockchain Monster Hunt game on Moonbase Alpha TestNet and will be able to play on the Moonbeam Network network from next year onwards.

Bit.Country / Pioneer

  • Bit.Country Pioneer won the 14th parachain slot on Kusama Network. Here is a quick update from their team.
  • Bit.Country announced whitelisting for Metaverse Odyssey Event: NUUM token sale. There will be 3 rounds for the event. The deadline for pre-whitelisting is 20th of November.


HydraDX / Basilisk









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