Polkadot Ecosystem Weekly Digest. October 30 — November 5/2023

Polkadot News
4 min readNov 6, 2023

Polkadot / Kusama

  • Big release: Polkadot Staking Dashboard 1.1 is now live. MetaMask support, new power-user features for managing nominations, configurable RPC endpoints, and a lot more, all in this thread.
  • Although Parallel Finance ended the Ending Period with the most DOT bid, Clover Finance won the latest parachain lease auction due to when the auction ended.
  • Referendum 174, proposing sufficiency for USDC on Polkadot Asset Hub, has successfully passed.
  • Referendum 204, proposing to kill Referendum 203 (Scam Referendum), is now passing, and if support levels continue, it will start confirming on Monday, 6 Nov.

Acala / Karura

  • Discover LDOT, Acala’s Liquid Staking Token. It is changing the game in staking, offering flexibility, higher yields, and risk reduction. LDOT aims to bring the next wave of adoption via institutional and consumer demand for DOT Explore its unique features and powerful partnerships in this article.
  • ACA-USDCet Pool is live. The ACA Staking is currently in progress, and you can find the participation guide here.

HydraDX / Basilisk

  • Interlay’s INTR is now tradable on HydraDX Omnipool. It is worth noting that the liquidity for INTR is actually much better on the Omnipool than most CEXs with low price impact.


  • Dive into the future of staking with Ontology’s latest blog on the BETA launch of stONT token.

Phala / Khala

  • Phala’s Phat Contract 2.0 is now live. This PHAT upgrade is designed to empower mainstream Web3 innovation and development. Now more accessible, PC 2.0 welcomes a broader developer community, staying true to Substrate, while enhancing connectivity and revolutionizing dApp development.
  • Check out a live demo of Phat Contract’s latest upgrades, social insights, and an interactive Q&A. All of them will showcase how 2.0 can supercharge innovative dApps.

Crust / Shadow

  • Crust is excited to announce that it now stands as the foundational storage architecture bolstering the growth of the Astar ecosystem.

Litentry / Litmus

  • Hungry for some November Rewards? Indulge in Litentry’s upcoming “Learn & Earn” event.

Astar / Shiden / Startale Labs

  • Haneda Airport will have its first on-chain stamp rally on Astar Network with Sushi Top. Starting this week, visitors can collect digital stamps across 17 stores at Haneda Airport, HANEDA INNOVATION CITY, and Ota Ward to get fun gifts and exclusive original goods at the Haneda Expo later this month. Also, there will be a special collaboration with NFT from Japan Airlines.
  • Astar Network is proud to be a part of the Polkadot Blockchain Academy. Its talented team will be stepping in as mentors, sharing insights, and guiding the next generation of Polkadot innovators.
  • Ryder, a hardware wallet secured by the user’s social circle, will integrate Astar, bringing its multi-VM ecosystem to global users. Read more.


  • vDOT is now supported on Polkadot OpenGov, so DOT Stakers on Bifrost can retain their Voting Power. Details.

Interlay / Kintsugi

  • The Polkadot XCM channels between Interlay and the Polkadex parachain are open and functional. iBTC can now flow to Polkadex and vice versa via THEA.
  • Interlay is excited to share its October Ecosystem Update. Check out all the updates, integrations, and the project’s progress towards the Bitcoin mission.

Centrifuge / Altair

  • As the Centrifuge team builds Liquidity Pools to bring capital to RWAs on Centrifuge from any EVM chain, security remains a top priority. As part of Centrifuge’s security efforts leading up to launch, Cantina has completed and published its final, formal audit of Liquidity Pools.

Moonbeam / Moonriver

  • The Moonwell founder explained what Moonbeam Ignite means for users during the Ignite Binance live event. Watch the full recording here.

Composable Finance / Picasso / Pablo

Bit.Country / Pioneer

  • New Bit Country’s update: build the Foundation for Marrying Enriched Social and DeFi.

Manta / Calamari

  • Manta Pacific has soared past 1 million transactions with an amazing community of over 100.000 active users.

Enjin / Efinity / NFT.io

Equilibrium / Genshiro

  • EQ finance is now live: Equilibrium’s LSD portal empowers DOT and LSDs and provides access to instant dollar liquidity.


  • Read this thread to learn how to use your KILT username on Grill.


  • Voting has now closed on the Dock Association proposal to increase network emissions of DOCK tokens for the next 3 months, with the motion being passed unanimously. The proposal has already been implemented and will see emissions double for the next 90 days. This will benefit validators who have seen their rewards decrease due to global economic conditions, such as inflation, rising energy prices and a depressed crypto market. Dock’s token supply remains fixed at 1 billion.

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