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📌 The Rococo V1 parachain registration opening will occur on 11 Jan 2021. Follow the #rococo:http://matrix.parity.io channel on Matrix for up-to-date information.

📌 Polkadot Decoded Spring 2021 Edition. Polkadot team started to accep presentations to be voted on by the community for the next Polkadot Decoded taking place May 20th, 2021. Read the requirements and apply here.

📌 Polkadot’s first on-chain bounty to rebrand Polkadot has passed. Design agency Koto proposed to “update the Polkadot brand to meet the network’s evolving needs by leveraging the input and insights from various stakeholders across the ecosystem”. Propoposal.

📌 Last Spring the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator selected four Polkadot ecosystem projects. Applications for the 2021 cohort are open now until January 24th. Apply here.

📌 POLKADOT JS updates overview: https://medium.com/polkadot-network/polkadot-js-extension-release-update-3b0d2d87edb8


📌Loopring protocol started the Bifrost finance vETH liquidity mining event on Jan 7. Activities include the Layer-2 AMM liquidity mining and AMM Swap Tournament. Rewards:

  • Liquidity mining: 100,000 LRC
  • Swap Tournament: 5,000 LRC (top 25 traders)


📌 Phala Community Roundup 2020


📌 Plasm Network has announced a community contest for a new logo for the project: winner will get 300 in $PLM. Submission deadline: Jan 22nd Community vote: Jan 22nd — 29th. “We are going to list our PLM tokens at exchanges. Before that, we plan to remake the Plasm Network’s logo since the current logo needs some improvements. ” — said Sota Watanabe. forum.plasmnet.io

📌Plasm will integrate Metamask on Polkadot.js soon! Ethereum users can make a Polkadot’s address from their Ethereum key


Robonomics will hold Robomonics Winter School 2021 (from 10 to 24 February) to developers who want to try to build Dapps and Web Services for IoT on Polkadot Parachain. Opening ceremony will start on Feb 10th 19:00 GMT+3. Register.

📌 Anna Wimmer made a proper calendar for students who’re involved in http://Robonomics.Network. Each month represents different technologies under the hood Anna added sauce and turned them into anime cyber-girls! Download wallpapers/print it (


📌 The development of Crust’s core function, the decentralized storage market, is basically completed, and it is currently entering the testing phase. Source.

📌 Patract Hub has finished work for PatractGo and PatractPy, which are contract sdks in Golang and Python. Detailed report.


📌 Zenlink has received a Web3 Foundation grant to develop a smart contract implementation. This has been delivered successfully and is now open source. Details.


📌 ChainX is ready to remove the Sudo super authority and launches the 1st referendum. ChainX will randomly select 10 users participating in on-chain governance will share 1,000 USDT equivalent PCX. Details.

📌 ChainX introduced SherpaX — a canary network, that will participate in Kusama network parachain auction. Light paper.


📌 Exeedme — a gaming and tournament platform built on Polkadot — will start beta testers competition on Jan 11th (till Jan 22th). 16 winners will be able to play alongside 4 mystery Esports players on the first Exeedme Tournament. Rules


📌 Moonbeam Network opened registration to Grants Program aimed to fund the development of Web3 software and projects that contribute to the growth of the Moonbeam ecosystem. Who can apply: Tools and infrastructure and Ecosystem projects. Details.


100 winners of the Karura Network Crowdloan Waitlist Competition have been randomly selected. Results and explanations.


📌 New roadmap by StaFi Protocol:

  • rDOT/rKSM is under development, and rXTZ/rATOM will be started in Q1;
  • two-way bridge, rToken bridge, BSC bridge, SOL bridge
  • support of rToken Swap soon
  • StakingDrop development
  • new integrations.


📌 The very first version of Clover finance testnet is live now. It comes with Clover Developer Incentive Program (CDIP) aiming to incentivize third party contract developers to deploy their dApps / contracts on Clover testnet.


📌 BANCOR is currently exploring the development of a cross-chain bridge to Polkadot! Such a bridge would enable decentralized cross-chain swaps between the Ethereum and Polkadot chains. More.

📌 ELLIPAL WALLET now supports DOT on both the ELLIPAL Cold Wallet and ELLIPAL App. Update your ELLIPAL Titan cold wallet to start securing your DOT.

📌 TOKEN POCKET wallet has officially released Polkadot and Kusama versions.

📌 Crust collaborates with Litentry for Decentralized Storage and Data Security.

📌 Reef DeFi is integrating with Avalanche to enable Reef users to access decentralized finance (DeFi) applications in the Avalanche ecosystem directly through Reef’s platform.

📌 Kylin Network partners with Paid network. PAID will provide the Kylin Network with agreement backing and PAID SMART Agreements will allow Kylin users to customize their own escrow-secured agreements with the option to add-on insurance.

📌 Offshift — a cryptographically private offshore storage & DeFi protocol on Ethereum, and dual-sided public/private protocol — completed an initial integration onto Moonbeam , an Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot.

📌Poolz, the decentralized token-swapping protocol, has integrated with Moonbeam Network. The integrating will make it easier for developers to create native Polkadot applications that utilize Poolz’ cross-chain capabilities for token swapping.

📌 Gaming platform Exeedme will integrate DIA open-source price oracles.

📌Plasm Network and Zenlink annouced strategic partnership: after successfully connecting to Rococo V1, Plasm will integrate Zenlink DEX Module into Plasm Network to test cross-chain tradings between parachains.

📌Reef partners with OpenDeFi by Oropocket (allows users to invest in real-world assets via on-chain synthetics). This partnership will enable Reef Finance users to access yield generation opportunities and receive instant loans on assets.


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📄 Fresh short review of Reef in our “Short About” blog.

Apron Network.

Apron Network is a decentralized infrastructure service built on Polkadot, provide API service for DApp developers, DApp users and infrastructure operators.


BD Wallet is the world’s first decentralized mobile wallet for polkadot and with rating model.


A New Generation of Verifiable Oracle Machine Based on Polkadot


Multi-chain, security and convenience, the portal of DApp

Coin98 Wallet

Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet & Payment Gateway

Clover Finance

An Open Operating System Powered by Polkadot

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