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OpenSquare aims to create an open platform for collaborations, where behaviour of each user, while he or she works on a common task, is tracked, recorded and estimated and thus gains an appropriate reputation.

As a first step, OpenSquare will build a blockchain-based crowdsourcing platform, where any individual or entity can place orders and anyone can apply to get these tasks.


Bounty: a placed task Funder: person/entity, who places and reviews a task. Hunter: person/entity who applies to solve the task Council: a managing committee that checks Bounty compliance and resolves disputes between sponsor and Hunter. Validators: Maintain network security, mint blocks and validate transactions.


Traditional and blockchain-based # platforms have some problems that Open Square aims to solve.

Problems of traditional platforms:

  • historical data is recording to centralized database
  • all the data, collected by certain platform, is kept on that platform and user’s credit can/t be shared between the different platforms
  • problems with transbroad payments

Problems of blockchain-based platforms:

The problem that the user is ready to solve is usually just a part of a big open-source project but to bring the maximum value the user should understand the general situation (have knowledge) about all the project, that is led to a situation when participation of the user is much bigger than the reward.

Gitcoin is laid on Ethereum smart-contracts, so the first requirement to the participant is to have enough Ether on the balance, that can become a barrier to users.

There are some problems with bounty management. At Gitcoin we can see a lot of bounties that haven’t been handled for a year, that doesn’t help users to do high effective collaborations.


The main idea is a platform with effective joint work. To make searching for a partner (Funder or Hunter) easier, both of them have a credit rating.

Users’ behavior is a basement for their rating. The better behaviour — more credits the user has. It concerns both Funders and Hunters.

As soon as the platform is open, all movements of credits are transparent. Any behavior of platform participants will be stored in historical blocks. Any organization or individual can track, retrieve, and verify historical data. This feature also makes a credit model based on this data more convincing. Collaboration on bounties and reputation score will be calculated from the user’s daily activities.


Ticker: OSN Usage: governance, fees, platform profit distribution certificate.


  • seed round: 10%-15%
  • private sale: 10%
  • Team: 7%
  • OpenSquare Foundation: 15%
  • Marketing & Research: 5%
  • Early bounties collaboration mining before mainnet launch: 3%
  • 45%-50% will be minted after mainnet launch, and please refer to the mining model for detailed ratios


With the development of the platform NFTs are planned to be launched. These NFT will give their holders some extra rights on a platform or, for example, extra rewards.


Testnet is planned to be launched in 2021 Q2, Mainnet launching in 2021 Q3.

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